Buy/Lease With LIANG Commercial

Our Commercial Specialists Help With Your Commercial Property Purchase and Lease

  • Find you a right commercial property – we have a network of many listings that are not on the open market.
  • Free evaluation for buyers/tenants on commercial properties with our in-depth and professional market knowledge to protect you from overpaying.
  • Identify potentials, future values and hidden values of a commercial property to maximize your profit.
  • Negotiate a deal that is most beneficial to you.
  • Assist you with due diligence, regulatory approvals, commercial financing, environmental assessment, appraisal, and property inspection, etc.
  • Our commercial specialists assist with financial analysis and investment return of business and commercial properties.
  • Our team are members of both Calgary and Edmonton Real Estate boards, and thus we can access listings from both boards.


Commercial Financing

For Commercial Mortgage, please contact commercial bankers, not residential mortgage agents. Business financial statements and business/commercial property appraisal reports are required for bank financing.

    • LeasingBanks do not finance a New business. If you plan to lease a commercial space and start a new business, please prepare cash for the following: leasehold improvements to meet the building code requirement for the type of business, purchase of equipment, rent of the first month with security deposit, at least 3 months of business expenses, and 6 to 12 months business expense before a business is established. Banks may provide business loan after one year if a business is profitable. For most business such as restaurants, daycare, auto shops, etc., leasing a space to build a new business not only costs more but also takes longer time than buying an existing business because of the time and cost incurred by renovation and new equipment. It usually takes 6 to 12 months for permit application, renovation, equipment installation, etc.
    • Commercial Property: 25% to 35% down payment is required depending on the type of commercial property, the property income, and the buyer’s financial status. For the purchase of land, 50% down payment and a proposal for the future development is required for a commercial mortgage.


Tenants Representation - New Lease, Lease Renewal and Sublease

  • New Lease - LIANG Commercial finds a space based on tenants’ operational requirements, such as zoning, space specs and other specific requirement. Whether it is a warehouse, retail or office, we provide build-to-suit planning, demographic analysis, cost of occupancy analysis and negotiation services.
  • Lease Renewal - LIANG Commercial reviews current leases, prepares lease rate survey and provides professional insights on optimal renewal lease rate and term, as well as free rent and improvement allowance. We contact landlords to negotiate on behalf of tenants. Lease renewal usually starts 6 months to 1 year prior to expiry date.
  • Sublease - LIANG Commercial assists tenants to review current leases, prepare lease rate surveys, and advises sublease rates, terms and conditions. We help subtenants to get approval from landlords. Some sublease may be turned into a headlease, which is most landlords and new tenants prefer, and thus releases tenants from leases.


To purchase a commercial property or lease a commercial space, please submit Buyer/Tenant form.

To request info of our business and property listings, please download and sign the Confidential Agreement and the Buyer Brokerage Agreement. Please send to our agents who are in charge of those listings. Alternatively, you may request a DocuSign version from our team members for quick signing on your phone.